How It Works

Wi-Fiber uses a combination of fiber optic, high-capacity microwave, and last-mile Wi-Fi technology over its own network of base stations. These connections offer very fast speeds combined with a desirable low latency that fiber provides. Availability is possible in even some of the most rural locations.
Unlike 4G and LTE, Wi-Fiber uses fixed wireless technology. A small receiver gets installed on the exterior of the home or business premises. Then, a tiny cable is run into your home from the receiving equipment into a wireless router provided by Wi-Fiber so that you can share your connection with the whole family or business.
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1. Inquire for Service

Call us or sign up online so that we can arrange your free site survey.
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2. Site Survey

At no charge, we check that a line of sight exists between your home and our nearest base station.
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3. Confirmation of Service

If everything is fine, we sign you up and confirm your package and connection date.
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3. Installation

Our professional technicians install our receiver, and your service goes live in no time. Easy!

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