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100% ROI

Our MDUs, HOAs, and municipality customers see a 100% ROI in their first year. If the asset is sold in 5 years at a 5% cap rate, the IRR is roughly 133%.

Managed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fiber provides a Managed Wi-Fi service for each tenant, which allows landlords to turn the internet on/off if a tenant misses payments. If the Wi-Fi is not working, we will replace it at no charge and in record time.

Fiber-Fast Speeds

Whether you have ten units fed via a dedicated fixed wireless link or 100 units delivered via a fixed fiber line, we guarantee our speeds and services.
Base packages start at 200 Mbps (100/100) and can go up to 20,000 Mbps (10,000/10,000). Lower latencies mean less video game lag. Higher upload means better video conferencing.

Quality of Experience (QoE)

Wi-Fiber focuses on Quality of Experience, ensuring that it's fast and always available when you use the internet. With local and remote 24/7 tech support available, problems are resolved within hours — not weeks.

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